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Lenses - FAQ

1. I have never worn colored contacts before, can I wear them?
Of course, EvevEYE colored contact lenses are suitable for beginners, its function is to change the appearance of your glasses and give you a different side.

2. What are colored contacts? What is the difference between it and clear contact lenses?
It’s a kind of soft contact lens, which generally refers to colored contact lenses or circle lenses. Beacolors' main function is to enlarge your eyes, change your iris color, and make your eyes look more awake, beautiful, and appealing.

3. How to choose the right color lenses in eveVeye?
3-1.refer to the lens picture, not the model, since different people have different eyes colors.
3-2.If you just need natural, we suggest choosing single-color lenses.
3-3.If you want to brighten out, you can directly choose from the hot sale. matter light color eyes or dark color eyes, it is best when the structure hit your heart.

4. What should I do before wearing it?
4-1.Please soak it in contact solution for contact lenses for 24 hours
4-2.Do not lend, borrow or share used contact lenses, otherwise, it may lead to infection or even blindness to the eyes.
4-3.Please take off your lenses before sleeping.
4-4.Insert lenses before putting make-up on around the eyes, and take off lenses before taking make-up off.
4-5.Please do not attend any water sports when wearing lenses.
4-6.New contact wearer wears less than 4 hours a day. When your eyes adapted to the lenses, you can wear them longer, but do not exceed 8 hours a day.

5. How to care for contact lenses?
5-1.Clean and disinfect the lens with moderate care solution (Place the contact in the palm of your hand. Wet your lenses with a few drops of care solution and carefully rub the lenses).
5-2.Use fresh care solution each time and discard the solution from the lens case after each use.
5-3.Remember to change the solution regularly if you do not wear the lens often.
5-4.Rinse and scrub your lens every 2-3 days to prevent protein precipitation effectively.
5-5.Keep the lens away from sharp objects because the lenses are very thin and vulnerable.

6. What are your lenses made from? Are they safe to wear?
eveVeye' lenses are made from Silicone Hydrogel/poly macon/ HEMA and water where the percentage of water content is usually 38% or 40% or 42%. Yes, circle lenses are generally safe and are approved by Us FDA & CE ISO Certification. But precaution is always needed. Please read our WEAR&CARE guide for more information.

7. What is the base curve?
The base Curve is usually abbreviated as BC, which refers to the curvature of the contact lens. The larger the base curve, the flatter the contact lens, and the smaller the base curve, the more curved the contact lens is. The base curve of the eyeball for most of people is between 8.4-8.6, the remaining are in 8.2 and 8.9. If the base curve of the contact lens is too large, the lens will slip easily. If it is too small, the eyeballs will feel oppressive, so when buying colored contacts, you should choose the contact lens that is in your base curve for optimal comfort.

8. What is the difference between circle lenses' water content?
The circle lenses come in different water content between 38%-42% water content. Some people are able to use lenses which have a low water content without having trouble with dryness. In general, the higher the water content allows more oxygen to pass through the eyes for better comfort wearing.

9. How long does it take to replace the Yearly(12 Months) disposable lens? a year?
Yearly(12 Months) disposable Lens refers to the life span of the lenses after it has been taken out from the sealed bottle.For your health consideration, we generally recommend that you replace it every 6 months.

10. What are daily disposable lenses?
Daily disposable lenses mean lenses have to be replaced after a day of use. the daily disposable period refers to the life span of the lenses after it has been taken out from the sealed bottle. You can keep the lenses unopened until the expiry date stated in the box label.

11. What are prescription contact lenses? Can I choose any degree of contact lenses?
If you are short-sighted, you can consult your eye doctor to confirm the diopter counts before ordering. and purchase prescription contact lenses. If you have normal eyesight or you simply need a decoration, choose -0.00.
12. I have just received my lenses, but I noticed that the color is not the same as what I purchased before. What makes the lens color become darker or lighter than before?
We always restock our product when it happens to be out of stock. The new batch will not be the same as the previous one. This is due to a different batch of manufacturing. The design will remain the same but the color might be slightly different in a new batch.

13. What to do when lenses irritate the eyes?
Please soak your lenses in a care solution that is exclusive for contact lenses for 24 hours, then rinse and scrub your lenses gently.
Check the two sides before wearing lenses to avoid uncomfortable experiences, such as irritation, dry eyes, blurry vision, etc.

14. Want to buy, but is my money safe?
Don't worry, the payment is through PayPal or your bank. They are all secured. 

15. How to pay by credit card or debit card?
Fill in the shipping information, then click continue to shipping, then click continue to payment, and you can see the credit card option.

16. How can I contact you?
Please feel free to contact us, you can quickly contact us through our social account or Please read and contact us for details!